Our Story

Arthur L. Mays, Sr. 

Our Story... From Our Founder

As a young man growing up in Milwaukee, I didn't understand why it was easier to own a car than to own a home.  I always thought that if you  helped the guy that was cleaning and waxing his car to buy a home, he would take that same pride and care into his home.  My parents worked very hard to own their own home and I soon realized the value of home ownership.  So I said if I ever got a chance, I would help people to purchase their own home.  

In 1998 I received my real estate license and got that opportunity.  I decided to put my best foot forward and to work as hard as I could to learn as much as I could about home ownership.  I started working for a local real estate company and became the top real estate agent that same year.  I also maintained that top agent status for 5 years.  After my  5th year I decided to start my own business to expand my vision to help more people.   

This company had to be a little bit different than some of the other companies.  Our company had to have a high level of professionalism when It came to buying and selling homes.  We also had to care about the sellers, buyers and our agents so we decided to make a company that wasn't too big to care about the most important part of home buying -  and that's the people.  The last 15 years we have been humbled to serve Milwaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha and Ozaukee counties.  Our vision is still the same... Making communities a better place to live, one home at a time.   Our team at Realty Among Friends, LLC would love the opportunity to work with you. 


                                                                                           - Arthur L. Mays, Sr